Title: Call It a Dark Night of the Soul

Author: Osa Grayson

dark night of the soul

WhatWhat: I can’t do better than to quote the Amazon description: Etain is one of the Kept, a collective that prizes usefulness and pleasing others–in every sense. He’s known since he was a child that he would be given away one day, he just never expected it to be to a pirate.

Money Quotes:

But this was not the moment to attempt a reconciliation of the father he remembered with the man who handed him over to a pirate. For peace, Etain heard his father say. (loc 30)

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t get enough of arranged marriages in fiction. This kind of fits that category, only with more space politics and fewer balls at Almack’s.

Then his broad fingers were on the clasp of Etain’s pants, undoing them with a deftness that Etain strongly doubted he could have managed under present circumstances. But of course, he was the helpless spoils rather than the rakish captain. (loc 151)

Verdict: That misleadingly bland cover conceals a startlingly literate and unflagginly hot m/m story. Well worth a read.