Title: The Groupie: Taken by the Men Who Raised Me

Author: Amber Paige


WhatWhat: Amber’s stepfather and her uncles get their old band back together, and after a sparsely attended performance (okay, only Amber shows up) she decides to cheer them up by fucking them all.

Money Quotes:

With massive generation gaps abound, it’s easy to see how someone my age could find it hard to relate to their step father. He read’s books that are drab and has a more-than-questionable fashion sense, among other embarrassing truths. (loc 6)

“He read’s,” really? This is not a promising beginning.

The second that my step dad see’s me….(loc 29)

You’re fucking kidding me, right?

But my attraction to them is just plan wrong. Even with the lack of any biological taboo, since we are not technically related by blood, the lustful feelings that brew inside of me are unmistakably forbidden. (loc 144)

I get the feeling that the author wanted to make the lack of blood kinship perfectly “plan” to the Amazon gatekeepers.

I want to fuck my step dad, and I want to fuck him badly. (loc 218)

And then I want to proofread even more badly.

I pull back with frantic enthusiasm, looking up at the muscular men who raised me with pure lust in my eyes. “Fuck me right now! I need your bog step daddy cocks in this tight little pussy!”

I fall forward onto my hands and knees in the middle of the living room, popping my ass out at the band and wiggling it in the air. “Come and get it!” I coax. (loc 250)

Holy Chuck Tingle: I feel like I’ve read practically this exact scene somewhere before, but I can’t quite put my finger on where.

Verdict: Eerily familiar, and yet curiously devoid of unicorns.