Title: Ghostly Needs: A Haunting Taboo Romance

Author: Eden Redd

ghostly needs

WhatWhat: Bethany was horny in life and now she’s horny in her afterlife, having hanged herself rather than be put to death for her lust. Now she’s eyeing the new inhabitants of her house: a husband, his wife, and his attractive son. Conveniently the step-mother is already attracted to her step-son, so Bethany possesses her for a little pseudo-incestuous ghost action.

Money Quotes:

She would insert her toy and moan loudly when no one was home. It was a bit odd that she often looked to a family picture of her, James and Alex together when she came the loudest. (loc 89)

I see.

I wanted to be on my own knees, taking him in, pleasing him like the whore before him. It was these very thoughts they accused me of witchcraft and the devil’s play thing. (loc 124)

I think we’re missing a “because of” and a “being” here somewhere.

The second hunger rising and running along mine, was it from Kate herself? I could feel Kate’s body responding alongside my own desires. I dared say nothing for I didn’t want to stop this magical moment but I could feel the lustful desire work with mine to take this young and beautiful man. (loc 387)

Verdict: A little melancholy and, yes, romantic, with a sweetly happy ending, this is basically pseudo-incest with a lot of heart.