Title: I Turned the Gill-Man Gay!

Author: V. L. Vance

gill-man gay

WhatWhat: A lab mishap has made Logan irresistible to all men, and if you can’t see how that would be useful on his current mission to capture the gill-man, you haven’t read enough monster erotica. Shame on you.

Money Quotes:

My name is Logan Faraday. After a lab mishap that ended in a minor explosion, men now find me irresistible. Gay and straight alike. Guys just go gay for me. (loc 25)

Clearly I’m going to have to go back and read the first story so I can find out more about this lab mishap.

“The woman said he dragged her to his fishy lair and pumped her full of his slimy seed.” (loc 53)

Sounds like a Tinder date gone badly wrong.

Hanging between its legs was a scaly, long, thick cock, with an angry-looking darker blue cockhead. As it watched us, its cock began to harden. I was already having an effect on it–soon it would be trying to ravage me sexually. (loc 182)

Verdict: From the moment I saw the exclamation point in the title, I knew this was going to be some quality literature. I was not disappointed (though honestly I think Gill-Man’s Girl has a slight edge in terms of the classic-monster-movie vibe of its plot). I actually am a little gillsexual, and I love all homages to B movies, so I enjoyed this enormously.