Title: I Turned Frankenstein’s Monster Gay!

Author: V. L. Vance

frankenstein's monster

WhatWhat: This is a seeding story, which means it’s as close to being mpreg as anything can be without being mpreg. As promised during the gill-man installment, I went back to find the “origin story,” such as it is. Logan’s trying to invent a serum that will make straight men fancy him. It explodes all over him, and then he has to go seduce Frankenstein’s monster. Typical day at the lab, really.

Money Quotes:

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” the small, dwarfish man across the table from me screamed, his hands in the air.

“No, he’s not,” I said, pointing at the slumped figure on the table. “It was just a reaction from electric shock. Are you sure you guys are scientists?” (loc 21)

I love a good IT’S ALIVE! scene.

“Igor hungry!” the small dwarf said from his new place on a stool near the wall. “Igor eat!”

“Igor needs not to speak in the third person,” I said, rolling my eyes for probably the tenth time today. (loc 31)

Is there any chance that next year we could get V.L.Vance nominated for a Hugo or something?

Soon his cock was swelling even farther in my mouth. I moaned as he exploded, his batter coating my tonsils like they were a batch of sliced apples begging for a warm brown sugar glaze. (loc 142)

That’s Dr. Frankenstein’s cock, if you were wondering.

“Yes, please, breed me, give me your monster seed. I need it!” (loc 250)

Verdict: I’m devouring these like b-movie flavoured candy. You think that’s not a flavour? It is: it tastes like drive-in movie popcorn and bonfire-roasted marshmallows on the beach and a little bit like coconut oil and sweat.