review: F# Me in the Bass

Title: F# Me in the Bass

Author: Leonard Delaney

f# me in the bass

WhatWhat: Bass player Pedro auditions for the Pussywhips, and it’s a penetrative experience as he follows their lead and lets his instrument ravish him.

Money Quotes:

His tongue wriggled as he kissed the guitar’s head deeply while caressing its nut from behind. (loc 75)

Musicians are a separate breed.

As the drums led the way to the song’s breezy bridge and slowed it down for a moment, the head of Pedro’s guitar tentatively entered his butt. The tuning pegs took some effort to get past, but after they did, the guitar produced a delightful vibration inside of him. (loc 104)

Verdict: The Pussywhips are an actual band, apparently, and this was created by Delaney for and with them. I was curious enough to go look at their Tumblr, so in that sense it’s working. It’s also working in the sense that now I’m afraid of guitars.

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