Title: I Turned the Mummy Gay!

Author: V. L. Vance

i turned the mummy gay

WhatWhat: Irresistible-to-men monster hunter Logan is in Egypt, following up on rumours that a mummy has been “seeding” women.

Money Quotes:

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. (loc 2)

Thank God we’ve cleared that up.

A giant obelisk laid in the center of the group, pointing into the sky like a giant cock waiting to be mounted by Titan. The thought of cock brought my mind back to my current situation, and the talented mouth working my pole from the passenger seat. (loc 22)

Really? So you’d totally forgotten you were getting a blowjob until the sight of an obelisk among the pyramids reminded you of cock?

A group of women claimed to have been attacked and seeded by the creature, who left them with some sort of (they assumed) demonic creatures. (loc 39)

That’s one of those cases where even a really good ultrasound can’t help.

The mummy was also tenting, the rotting bandages around his crotch parting easily and exposing the grey flesh of his rotting cock beneath. (loc 188)

There’s an unforgettable image.

His royal seed at one time was the most prized seed in all of Egypt, and I felt pride at having my ass filled with his Egyptian treasure. (loc 254)

Verdict: Definitely a worthy entry in this series.