Title: Hucow at the Cult Masquerade

Author: Penelope Stone

hucow cult masquerade

WhatWhat: It’ll probably help if you know that a “hucow” is a human cow, i.e. a human female being used for her lactating abilities. That didn’t help? Okay, try this: a billionaire agrees to help Haley (an art student) pay her bills in exchange for her entertaining his guests at the masquerade. Entertaining them with her newly engorged, freshly activated breasts, that is.

Money Quotes:

“He told me that if we want funding returned to the gallery, you’d have to attend one of his masquerades as a servant.” (loc 144)

Okay then.

Alec drug his finger further up my body and I began to relish the contact. (loc 235)

Drug? Oh, honey, no.

“Are you willing to be my cow for the night?” (loc 255)

Frankly she deserves payment just for not laughing in his face.

“Moooo,” I groan, surrendering even more of my dignity to him. (loc 300)

Verdict: Still arguably better than working retail.