Title: Demon Futa joins the Soroity (Demon Futa Series Book 2)

Author: Jocelyn Saragona

demon futa sorority

Whatwhat: Thanks to an “antique book,” Sharis (a name I’m not sure how to pronounce) is a winged demon succubus with a clit that expands into a penis. After making out with a sorority girl named Addison, Sharis pledges Iota Theta Epsilon and discovers a world of sisterhood and prostitution.

Money Quotes:

I exhaled a dreamy breath and felt my pheromones float out with it. I gave Jordan a look in the eyes, and saw his pupils dilate and lock on me. (loc 30)

Goodness. Imagine what would happen if she gave him a look in the some other body part.

Brittney bit her lip, adverted her eyes from Jayden, and disrobed herself in a dissociative way. (loc 145)

Dissociation: not particularly erotic. I’m kind of worried for Britney now. Also, that should be “averted.” You avert from; you advert to.

Once I was standing there with the cold tile at my feet and the air brushing my flushed skin, I was completely debased. (loc 152)

If you say so. All that’s happened so far is the pledges have gotten undressed. I don’t know, maybe I have a weird tolerance for nudity, but that seems less than total debasement. Especially for a succubus.

My cock wasn’t coming out. As long as I could feel dirty no one would know my secret. (loc 160)

I know guys a whole lot kinkier than this succubus, then, because sexual humiliation is not a surefire way to keep them from getting an erection. At all.

I diverted my eyes…(loc 171)


Look, I know “divert” means “turn away,” but you use it of rivers, not so much eyes. English has nuance.

Verdict: The actual make-out scenes involving sorority pledges are hot, and so are the bits when Sharis gets to use her demon cock.

There’s something vaguely clunky about the language that makes me wonder if it was translated from the original Enochian, though.