Title: Trapped as his Best Friend’s Wife

Author: Lisa Change

best friends wife

WhatWhat: Karl is having an affair with his best friend Ben’s wife, Becca. When Ben finds out, he makes an incoherent series of wishes to a genie (there’s a genie; just go with it): he wants Becca gone, he wants Ben to get what he deserves, and he wants his wife back and in love with him. The genie reconciles all that by magicing Becca away to an adoring, submissive version of Becca.ahappy life elsewhere, and then turning Ben into an adoring, helplessly obedient version of Becca.

Money Quotes:

Now he was the smokin’ hot wife. (loc 277)

And his new body was very interested in his new husband. Ever since Karl had first appeared in this expensive cruise ship cabin and seen Ben sitting nearly naked, he’d been aware of a warmth in his crotch. (loc 416)

“But I think I’ve got a better idea… You’re still a man inside, huh? A straight man, too. Then I guess I know how to punish you.” (loc 448)

Verdict: This felt icky for a while (what with the hate sex), but as Ben starts understanding what went wrong with his marriage (and that it wasn’t all Becca’s fault) and Karl starts to admit to himself that he’s happier as a woman, it became kind of…sweet. The author’s gentle attention to making sure the real Becca ALSO got a happy ending, and the unexpected little time-travel fix at the end, won me over completely. Awwwww.