Title: The Tentacle Monster and the Schoolgirl

Author: Ivanna B. Kinkee

tentacle monster schoolgirl

WhatWhat: Rich girl Kelly Ashby gets sent by her father to Wolsney College, a private women’s college, and on her first night there she discovers just why all the girls fall in line with the school’s strict rules: only the obedient, studious ones get let in their rooms for fun with tentacles. That’s right: there’s a tentacled Thing that gains access to their spartan rooms and provides addictively pleasurable sex.

Money Quotes:

“I was hoping I could – I mean, I’d really like to have some more time with, uh, in my room, sir?” (loc 188)

Run, Kelly. Any school where the students nervously beg the headmaster for extra time in their rooms has something weird going on.

Thick, too much for her mouth, and it seemed to swell once it was inside as it forced her head back to the bed. The first burst of sweetness against her tongue made her jerk, resist the impossible power of what held her lithe body under its control, but then there was another taste of it and she swallowed. (loc 469)

Verdict: When I think of how hard I worked just to stay on the Dean’s List, I can’t help but be impressed by the probable motivational powers of tentacles.

In all seriousness, this was beautifully set up and developed. I am impressed with how steadily it built to its inevitable climax, and by the well-developed world of this story. Awesome, and worth reading even if you think you aren’t all that into tentacles.

Calling her a schoolgirl is pushing things, though; she’s obviously of-age, WHICH IS GOOD. So don’t go into this expecting high school girls. It’s more “the co-ed and the tentacle” territory than “Sailor Moon meets a friendly squid.”