Title: Pounded by the Pegasus

Author: Alara Branwen

pounded by the pegasus

WhatWhat: Having just escaped a dragon, because they’d been hired by a king to find out if the dragon was in possession of something we don’t care about, human Myna and her pegasus partner Swiftrunner are hiding in the forest. They decide to pass the time by fucking.

Money Quotes:

Myna grinned. “Oh shut the hell up and get on your back.”

The stallion lowered himself to the ground, front end first, then back. He then rolled and to where his belly and legs were facing upward. (loc 125)

Just in case you were interested in the mechanics of fucking a horse, the story provides that helpful scene.

She ran her fingers through the downy sea, the gentle feel passed between her fingers tickled. (loc 131)


The leather-like pouch that held the horse’s member always felt rough to her. At times it was like sandpaper. However, the horse had worked up a bit of a sweat with their last encounter with the dragon, so it wasn’t so abrasive to the touch. (loc 136)

Frankly this is way more information than I needed.

She jiggled her thumb over the cock’s opening and a small droplet of pre leaked on her finger. (loc 153)

Pre? We’re calling it “pre” now? Is this a thing?

Pre leaked copiously from the head of the horse cock. It was sweet and also a little tart. It reminded Myna of a pastry she’d had in a Duke’s court. (loc 171)

Remind me to never eat at that guy’s house.

The shaft slid in random directions over the cunt. (loc 209)


As the head popped out of her, a small torrent of horse cum spilled from her. (loc 269)

Verdict: Let’s be honest: this was a pony show. Sure, he’s sentient for the “framing” story in which they’re hiding from a dragon in a typical fantasy world with dragons. But for the entirety of the sex, he’s a horse. He doesn’t talk. He sports a horse erection and spews equine cum (not to mention “pre”). So, you know…if that’s your thing, here it is, and lots of it. But don’t go into it expecting this kind of thing. Swiftrunner is not one of those “more or less human in a different body” creations: once the action gets started he’s indistinguishable from any normal horse.


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