Title: Unicorn: Horn of Desire

Author: Cecilia Chase

unicorn horn of desire

WhatWhat: Mo and Serena are summer help at Mr. Fullerton’s ranch, and busty, sexy Mo is more interested in flirting with foreman Brett than in working. Serena’s a little jealous, but she has a special destiny of her own. While she’s having a nude waterfall shower on her day off, she sees a unicorn! You have been chosen, it tells her right after it fucks her.

Well, that’s definitely better than if he told her that beforehand, then later disappeared, leaving only a fake cellphone number and some bitter memories.

Money Quotes:

“Where have you been all my life?” Mo joked when Brett led the stallion through the doors of the indoor paddock. (loc 70)

The part of my brain that remembers reading approximately a billion horse stories when I was pre-adolescent just up and died of shock.

The man and the stallion felt evenly matched as they walked into the paddock together out of the early morning light. (loc 77)


His horse-meat was already engorged and drooping out of its sheath, a pale soft thing like an 18 inch roll of cookie dough with a tennis ball dangling on the end. (loc 88)

Somewhere, the Pillsbury Dough Boy is weeping.

A stab of jealousy hit me right in the stomach. I’d been the one to get in there and help, not Mo. I’d risked the trauma of getting hit in the face with gallons of horse cum. (loc 153)

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Do not struggle, my pet. You are safe. (loc 649)

That’s a telepathic communication from the unicorn that’s about to fuck her, in case you weren’t guessing that from context.

I could only freeze in place and shiver as the unicorn pinned me there with its soft, hot weight and then thrust with its gentle might into me. (loc 674)

Verdict: It bothers me a little, how much I love that cover.

Anyway. This is horse sex, but it’s taking slightly more care that the horse in question stay sentient throughout the encounter. So it’s soft-focus, romanticized horse sex, as you’d expect unicorn sex to be if you thought about about it at all. It’s also very well written, and slightly longer and plottier than the usual kindleporn.



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