Title: Monstrous Lust: Return of the Forest Stud

Author: E. M. Beastly

return forest stud

WhatWhat: Kalina is a (female) ranch hand in the nineteenth century, employed by Ms. Rose, who tells her all-female staff strange erotic stories and then…gives them all to the Spirit of Lust in a burning cabin where he appears as a monstrous horse. The cabin burned down years ago, and the horse is in a painting, so this is more or less like an acid trip. Kalina has sex with Ms. Rose instead of with the horse. Everyone else goes for the horse, though, and then vanishes, leaving Kalina alone.

Money Quotes:

Even on holidays and Sundays our sisterhood would gather at the master’s house for socializing and maybe have a beer or two for all our day of hard work. During the winter months we would substitute for a cup of hot coffee, or sometimes, some fancy hot drink made with chocolate that only our master could afford. (loc 63)

Come for the steady employment, stay for the hot chocolate and the spirit-horse fucking.

…she came here with a woman from Africa who was once her servant and lover. From the Dark Continent she brought with her secrets of an ancient god. From him she learned how to open magical doors by also becoming his lover. (loc 90)

Ancient gods are like really sleazy businessmen.

The image transformed before my eyes, and soon the Stallion had a shape of a man. However, just as all of my master’s stories did tell, he was still a horse in a great many ways: His head, hooves and even his tail all still brilliantly burning in crimson flames. (loc 252)

“His head and tail are on fire” somehow doesn’t really strike me as all that much like a horse, but whatev.

It made me cringe to see it penetrate dear Dray.

Yet, she was excited for it, and so was Jalin. She was there to lick the penetrating length of his hot steel as it sizzled its way into Dray’s wet body that quenched his steel. (loc 263)

Dray is another female farmhand, if that helps. So is Jalin, for that matter.

Verdict: One of the most unusual bits of erotica I’ve read, not because it’s a niche kink so much as because the mythos and writing style are unique. It’s a little convoluted and overwritten at points, but it’s undoubtedly hot, and more poetic than you might expect from kindleporn.