This being the week before Mother’s Day, we’re doing a series of reviews loosely linked to the theme of Stuff Moms Like. This theme is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not use these reviews to make your plans for Mother’s Day.

Stuff Moms Like: 80s aesthetics. Sheriff DadBod. Winona Ryder. Men who miss their wives when traveling in other dimensions, like for work or to get pounded or whatever.

Title: Stranger Pounds

Author: Chuck Tingle

stranger pounds

WhatWhat: Sheriff Bopper responds to a call from his friend Weno, who reports that her husband has gone missing in another dimension. Bopper slips through the gateway on a rescue mission, and gets the best pounding of his life.

Money Quotes:

“Heading over to check on, Weno Rhyno, nothing to worry about for now. Over.” (loc 318)

Her name is the best thing.

Around the living room are hundreds of hanging butt plugs, ranging from massive and black to tiny, rainbow-colored. They are dangling from the ceiling on strings, seemingly at random other than the assortment of anal sex toys positioned over painted letters on the far wall. The entire alphabet is scrawled there. (loc 342)

No, wait, this is the best thing.

Porp shakes his head. “I’m sorry, I’m not leaving. The flower monster butt pounding is just too fantastic.” (loc 481)

Verdict: I feel like this is a return to a really classic style of Tingler. Also, it’s amazing how all the dark elements of the original series have been stripped out of this. Maybe this’ll help erase my recurring nightmares about Barb.