Stuff Moms Like: Moms like to travel. A large subset of moms do seem to adore cruises. Many mothers, possibly even yours, are interested in marine biology.

Title: Tentacle Cruise

Author: Zayna Noble

tentacle cruise

WhatWhat: Although her boyfriend is enjoying himself, Izzy is bored out of her mind on their cruise, and goes exploring the ship, hoping to find something. She finds a tentacle monster (which is in charge of food services on board) and has sex with it.

Money Quotes:

Most of the other customers were over sixty years old and made up of a variety of weirdos and monsters. Wizards with big wooden staffs hobbling onto the ship, goblins and demons and other strange creatures besides. She was sure that the youngest looking clients she’d seen were elves, and they were likely ten times her age! (loc 21)

Cruises are ALWAYS like this. Sort of.

For a split second she gagged and then…sucked. The flavor of the tentacle was something like a fruity drink, not too sugary or tart. It was like sucking on a cool smoothie of berries mixed with some sort of cream! (loc 108)

Sounds yummy. I’ll take mine in a glass, thanks.

She moaned, the sound muffled by the length in her mouth, her body squirming as she tried to get herself closer to the beefy breeding rod the beast was presenting her with! (loc 168)

Verdict: This was well written and seasonally apt, and now I’m in the mood for vacation. I’ll stick with the wizards and elves, though.