Just so you know, when I went to pull this up to review it I couldn’t remember the title, so I searched for “wendigo” and got like twelve results, all erotica.

Title: Taken by the Wendigo

Author: Adrian Blue

taken by the wendigo

WhatWhat: Sarah goes camping with her roommate, the roommate’s boyfriend, and some other guy. A Wendigo finds them. It eats all of them, and for only one of them is that an “in the good way” scenario.

Money Quotes:

Jill was shallow, vain, and only interested in partying. Nearly every day Jill mocked Sarah’s focus on school and her hopes for the future. (loc 6)

Okay, Sarah’s a bitch. But Jill is suffering a serious case of Not Like the Other Girls.

Before she warned Tim, something reached out of the trees and jerked him off his feet. He screamed, high and terrified. The sound quickly became a gurgle and then nothing but the sound of ripping flesh. (loc 108)

I didn’t see that one coming. Of course, neither did Tim.

When it ducked its head toward her belly, she screamed. She expected teeth to rip into her, disembowel her while she screamed in agony. Instead, there was a puff of hot breath against her panties. (loc 160)

I guess she’s not like the other girls in that she’s still alive.

Verdict: This was darker than I expected. I know, I know: that makes it sound like I somehow missed the title, or didn’t understand what a Wendigo is.  But I really didn’t expect an ambiguous ending. I’m not sure if the Wendigo will eventually let her escape, or if he’s just playing with his food before he eats it.