So the Hugo Awards are, like, FOREVER away. The 2017 winners don’t get announced until Friday August 11, 2017. I know this because I LOOKED IT UP, because apparently Chuck Tingle’s nomination last year reanimated my long-dormant interest in the Hugos.

So in recognition of that, this week LRG will be looking at a bunch of Tingle stuff and some other very-vaguely-related-to-scifi erotica. Wish us luck.

Title: Pounded in the Butt by my Hugo Award Loss

Author: Chuck Tingle

hugo award loss

WhatWhat: Hugo Award nominee Dr. Chuck Tingle is overwhelmed with anxiety (because he’s been nominated for a Hugo Award), but his nightmares end when handsome sentient rocket-ship-shaped representations of both possible outcomes show up.

Money Quotes:

To be honest, I anticipated not caring about all of the fanfare and the voting and the drama that surrounded this year’s Hugo Awards. (loc 4)

Me, too, every year. But then erotica started getting nominated and here we are.

The door bursts open and Jon comes rushing inside. He flips on the lights.
“What’s wrong?” my son asks frantically. “Is it Barbara, again?”
I shake my head, watching from the corner of my eye as my wife’s ghost slips back into the closet from her usual place at the foot of my bed. (loc 35)

I love how the ghost is there, but it’s not what’s bothering him.

I’m sure that my work will come under much more scrutiny than I could ever imagine, my message of love dissected and analyzed in every way possible. At that point, it’s hard to believe that my privacy as an author and a doctor will be respected by the public at large. (loc 151)

Don’t worry, Dr. Tingle. Your secrets, whatever they may be, are safe as of this writing. And your work is loved by many.

“And the winner of this year’s short story Hugo Award goes to…” the presenter on TV announces, hesitating as he opens his envelope and providing the moment with a bit of dramatic flair. “Not Chuck Tingle.” (loc 177)

Ouch. That must be how it feels in the moment.

Verdict: Oh my heart. It’s okay though. Larb, the personification of his Hugo loss, shows up to let him know he’s not the REAL Chuck Tingle, but a character in an erotica novel. Then he pounds him in the butt because, well, look at the title.