I have to admit, I was touched when I found out Dr. Tingle had been nominated for a Hugo in the Best Fan Writer category. It may have taken a bit of shoehorning and some lube to fit him into that (or any other) Hugo category, but the end result is satisfying.


Title: Pounded in the Butt by my Second Hugo Award Nomination

Author: Chuck Tingle

second hugo award nomination

WhatWhat: We open with author Chuck Tingle (not…not the one in the same layer of reality we’re in; a different one) in a bunker 40 miles below his house, deeply depressed and hiding from the world since his Hugo Award loss. But then a letter arrives…

Money Quotes:

My son picks up the letter on the floor and looks it over quickly, reading all of the fine print. “Well, you’ll have to meet the sentient physical personification of your second Hugo Award nomination in person to formally accept. Think you’re up for it?”

I consider this for a moment. “Yes,” I finally say with a nod. “Get out my fanciest Tai Kwon Do uniform.” (loc 93)

I’m crying.

It gets even better though. Forbo (the nomination) takes Tingle to another timeline:

Within the space station, a man and a raptor in a space suit are playing Ping-Pong with one another.

I don’t even have to ask where this is. “Zorbus,” I say aloud to myself.

“Exactly,” Forbo nods. “The location of your Hugo nominated masterpiece, Space Raptor Butt Invasion.” (loc 156)

Verdict: I have so many questions about the whole Hugo nomination process right now.

Is this a thing? Do all Hugo nominees go through this? Wow.