Lover, Raptor, Gentleman

works of short-form kindleporn genius

We review erotica

Mostly short, and mostly self-published, but we sometimes consider longer works. Our focus, though, is on the short-form erotic hilarity that self-publishing enables. We love the genre. Sometimes it tries to love us back.

If you have something you’d like reviewed, send us a short email at with the title and a paragraph or two describing your work. If it appeals to one of our reviewers, we’ll get in touch. We don’t review stories we didn’t enjoy; since the people behind this blog all write, or have written, erotica ourselves, we don’t want to unfairly hamper anyone else’s efforts to earn money in the field. So only the things we can take a broadly positive stance on will get linked here.

“Mecha Dahl,” the name most often seen on these posts, is not a person. She is a (shared) pseudonym. Other names seen here are also pseudonymous.

If Lisa Frank illustrated erotica...
If Lisa Frank illustrated erotica…

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