review: Adam Gets Adopted

I’m not sure what it says about the world (or my life) that I’m now significantly less wary of wading into the ABDL stacks than the politi-porn.


Title: Adam Gets Adopted

Author: Kimberley Clarke

WhatWhat: Suddenly orphaned at the age seventeen, now eighteen-year-old Adam answers an ad to be “adopted” by a loving couple. Does this sound familiar? Kind of.

Money Quotes:

Here’s something sad about me: my parents died in a car accident when I was seventeen. There. I’ve said it. It’s best to get these things out of the way first. (loc32)

As I cried, I lost control of my bladder totally, giving in to my powerful emotions. Piss flooded my diaper, unleashed freely from me. I curled up in a ball on the ground and carried on peeing. Amazingly, my butt did not stay damp for long. The diapers were so good that I could feel the moisture being drawn away from me. (loc 185)

I bet somewhere out there there’s an adult-diaper review blog.

This story contains ageplay/ABDL themes, a grown woman getting cleaned, milk-drinking, and graphic scenes of a sexual Adamure. (loc 240)

You may be wondering, “What is a sexual Adamure?”

An Adamure, dear reader, is what happens when you find-and-replace the name “Nat” with “Adam” throughout your manuscript. In the original blurb, those were graphic scenes of a sexual nature.

Verdict: Aside from the faint hilarity caused by find-and-replace, this was well-written and smooth. If you like your adult babies male, I assume you’ll enjoy this.

review: Natalie Goes to Nursery

Are you all sitting comfortably in your safe space? Good. Then we’ll begin.


Title: Natalie Goes to Nursery

Author: River Belle

WhatWhat: When Natalie is seventeen, her parents die. At eighteen, she sells almost all her possessions and answers an ad to be an adult baby. Unlike the other abdl stories I’ve read (how is this my life??), this one features multiple “babies,” one other girl and two boys, who all crawl around the “nursery” together and also fuck each other. It’s like Muppet Babies if television was filmed in hell, basically.

Money Quotes:

As I cried, I lost control of my bladder totally, giving in to my powerful emotions. Piss flooding my diaper unleashed freely from me. I curled up into a ball on the ground and carried on peeing. Amazingly, my butt did not stay damp for long. The diapers were so good that I could feel the moisture being drawn away from me. (loc 162)

It’s weird how much this is reminding me of the aftermath of the American election.

‘Petey, why don’t you come and say hello to your sister,’ said Daddy. Petey giggled and moved toward me, lying down at my side. Daddy grabbed Petey’s monstrous dick, and carefully rubbed its tip into my engorged pussy. (loc 173)

Verdict: Once you get past the breathtaking soullessness of someone who’d lost both parents a year ago using “mommy” and “daddy” on total strangers she’s having sex with, this is well written and immersive.

That first quote up there about the quality of the diaper was chosen on purpose, because as well as the usual “comforting” elements found in these, there’s a significant dose of luxury porn to be had here. Everything is the best available, the house is a mansion, the hedgerows are immaculate, etc. Natalie isn’t just living out her fantasy; she’s doing it in complete comfort.

review: Regressive Love

Title: Regressive Love

Author: Misty Brock

regressive love

WhatWhat: Fired from her job (because of an Evil Other Woman), Gracie is first rescued from a guy with a knife, and then hired for another job. Reid, the cute millionaire who saved her from being mugged (or worse), is also her new boss, and soon her lover…but he likes to diaper his women and treat them like babies.

Money Quotes:

She’d lived on ramen like most students did, allotting most of her money for her dad and her kid brother.

She’d received a call from her dad’s senior home, informing her that her dad’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and that he needed to be transferred to a facility better suited to handle his needs. It had meant more expenses. (loc 28)

Virtuous suffering: established.

He opened his arms in invitation and she walked into his embrace. (loc 102)

I know he saved you from the bad guy, but you literally just met him.

They left his bedroom and went to the one at the far end of the hall. He turned the doorknob and guided her into what appeared to be a nursery. There was a large wooden crib and another huge bed beside it. There were dolls of different shapes and sizes and other types of toys. (loc 361)

It’s like a slightly kinkier version of Christian Grey’s red room of pain.

“You don’t know how badly I need this so thanks again.” Her dad can stay in the facility and her brother can study full-time. Reid had no idea how big a help he’d been. (loc 515)

Tenses running amok!

But this, Gracie in a diaper under her skirt, would surely push his obsession to a whole other level.

Gracie must have realized he’d found out her secret because she turned to face him, her eyes wide as saucers.(loc 701)

After her one night with him, you see, she started wearing diapers privately on her own, to relieve stress. Something about having them all helps her cope with her responsibility-filled life.

Verdict: This is a clean, sweet, tender ageplay romance.

Less cloying than many of the ageplay stories, so if you’re into excessively-innocent heroines this one may come across as too competent an adult (she holds down a job, for instance). She is still morally pure and the main support of her family, so the “downtrodden angel” vibe is intact. But Gracie also takes an active role in defeating the Evil Other Woman, and Gracie’s brother helps out with that, which was kind of cool.

Unlike most ABDL stories I’ve seen, this one didn’t feature humiliation or diaper soiling. That was a tremendous relief for me, but I suspect would be a disappointment to some readers.

review: Little Lexie and the Big Girl Bet

Title: Little Lexie and the Big Girl Bet

Author: Chloe St. Claire

little lexie

WhatWhat: Alexis goes drinking with her best friend, Owen, and after losing a bet (that she can recite the alphabet backwards) she has to spend 24 hours being Owen’s adult baby girl.

Money Quotes:

He rummaged through the drawer of his night table and came out with a thick, crinkly diaper. It was white, but with little primary-coloured animals all over it. She couldn’t believe how loud it was as he handled it, and she didn’t even want to think about how loud it would be when she had to walk around in it. (loc 62)

Can you actually imagine this in real life, though? That moment when your best friend since childhood pulls an adult-sized diaper out of his night table, and expects you to go through with a casual bet made when you were drunk and had no idea he was a diaper fetishist?

Owen pulled out. “Go shower, and go pee,” he said. “And make sure it’s a good one: it’ll be your last in a toilet for the day. Daddy hasn’t forgotten your punishment.” Lexie nodded and trotted obediently to the bathroom. (loc 256)

It’s amazing how she’s adjusted to this situation so quickly.

Verdict: Blessedly free of grammatical errors. If you can suspend disbelief enough to get past the part where she doesn’t call the cops, run screaming, or tell him there’s no way she’s going to go out in public in a diaper because of a stupid bet, you’ll enjoy this, assuming abdl is your thing. (And hey: I recognize that some suspension of disbelief is required for most erotic fantasies. I’m mocking sympathetically, I swear.)

review: Stepbrother’s Rules

Title: Stepbrother’s Rules: A 1950’s Ageplay Romance

Author: Renee Rose

stepbrother's rules

WhatWhat: When LuAnn gets kicked out of her college dorm, her stepbrother gives her a place to stay, but he requires obedience from his “little girl.” This is the 1950s, though, so it ends in marriage. Also, she starts cooking and wearing an apron.

Money Quotes:

It was one thing if he was going to pretend to be her parent and scold and spank her, but she didn’t want Brad–the hero of so many childhood fantasies–thinking of her like a little girl he needed to discipline. (loc 252)

“I guess I need to buy you that Betty Crocker cookbook that no household is without these days,” he said with a wink. (loc 429)

“This can replace that ratty old white bear I gave you years ago.”

“No way. I’m not getting rid of marshmallow.” She squeezed the bear, twirling back and forth with it. “I’ll just add Beary to my collection.” (loc 582)

“These little breasts belong to Daddy.” He didn’t even know where the words were coming from, but they sounded so wicked, so right, a surge of lust nearly made him dizzy. (loc 665)

Verdict: Oh, my.

The book isn’t kidding when it puts “romance” in the title: this is hot and erotic, but it is also a love story, with a happy ending. (Unless 1950s domesticity gives you claustrophobia, in which case I guess the ending is your worst nightmare.) If you’re into the Dominant Daddy/little girl end of the bdsm spectrum, this book will be your catnip. If you’re not, this could be the one to convert you. It’s also very well written; my only quibble is a bit of tense-confusion, where the word “may” gets used instead of “might.”

review: Owning Her Innocence

Title: Owning Her Innocence

Author: Alexa Riley

owning her innocence

WhatWhat: Haley has just turned eighteen, but all is not well: she doesn’t really want to grow up, and “Daddy William,” the friend of her father’s who used to babysit her, has been acting distant for a year. But after some guy her own age tries to roofie her at a party, William (I mean “Daddy”) rescues her, for a value of “rescues” here meaning “ties her to his bed and ejaculates on her chest before letting her know she can be his Little Girl forever.”

Money Quotes:

He even went so far as to clear out my room last week, removing all my stuffed animals, my baby dolls that I’ve had since before I can remember, hiring William’s construction company to paint over my beautiful pink walls. Now the room is an ugly blue that makes me stomp my feet every time I see it. (loc 53)

Parents just don’t understand.

I know he means well, but the thought of growing up and being a woman terrifies me to the core. (loc 59)

If only there was some way to avoid that…but there really, really isn’t, no matter how many ruffles you have on your clothes or how often you call your lover “Daddy.” Oops, sorry, I’m editorializing.

Speaking of lovers:

He’d pick me up from school when Father had to work late, or he’d stay over and put me to bed when Father couldn’t make it home. (loc 64)

Luckily she’s all grown up now:

Cheese and crackers! That came out way whinier than I intended. (loc 81)

I’ve heard my father say she’s a gold digger who will sleep with anyone, whatever that means. (loc 126)

You’re not fooling anyone with that little “whatever that means,” Miss Cattypants.

“Fucking hell! You don’t have a gag reflex? Fuck. I knew you were perfect. Too fucking perfect.” (loc 472)

I don’t hate men – far from it – but sometimes there are moments when I can almost understand women who do.

Hilariously, there is a Wise Older Woman in the form of a housekeeper who immediately loves Haley and approves her relationship with the boss (this is the morning after he takes her home for the first time):

“Mr. Darkling has been moping around this house for the past few years, and then today I walk in here and it’s like he’s finally woken up. I’m guessing you were the one to wake him.” (loc 546)

His name is Mr. Darkling. I am in LOLve. Is anyone else picturing Darkwing Duck right now?

Verdict: This was a pleasant enough read that I think I’ll hit the rest of the series at some point.

Something I’ve been meaning to mention as I tackle ageplay stories for the first time is that they are generally longer than the erotic stories I read (this one, for instance, runs to 71 pages), and grammatically much sounder than the average. Which makes them an enjoyable read, if you can get past grown women acting as if they don’t know why on earth they get wet when they’ve been making out with someone.

I get, I really do, the fantasy of letting go and having someone else assume responsibility for you. I also legitimately appreciate wanting to hang on to certain childish pursuits or cute clothes or favourite toys. I confess to doing all of the above. But the golly-gee-goshness of these, the breathy endless bouncy enthusiasm and hard-to-swallow complete lack of awareness, can be a little too much for me. Or perhaps that should be a Little too much. Still, there’s an undeniably pleasant sense of escapism in this story, and over all I think it’s one of my favourite finds in this subgenre.


review: Amber’s Big Exam

Title: Amber’s Big Exam

Author: Raven Dawes

amber's big exam

WhatWhat: Amber’s stepfather caught her kissing the boy next door, so obviously she’s ready for some deep dicking by said stepfather, only first he has to have her pawed over by two doctors who used to be his college roommates, because why the hell not.

Money Quotes:

I’m not saying I’ll forbid it forever, but right now, I need to help you figure out how to enjoy your body in a safe way.” (loc 39)

By which he means “have unprotected sex with me and two guys I know.”

Of course, my step-daddy knew what was best, and if these men were like my step-daddy, they knew what was good for little girls. (loc 51)

Just to clarify, according to the first page of this she’s nineteen. If that, you know, helps.

Maybe these lessons will make more sense when they’re coming from the nice doctor men. (loc 51)

“My, my,” he said, “What a nice diaper cover your daddy put you in this morning. I need to get one for my little girl. Now lift up your bottom and let me take it off for you.” (loc 305)

Suddenly I miss the Omegaverse stories. Also I need a drink.

Verdict: For a while I kept banging my head on the “Wait, how do these guys not end up getting sued for malpractice?” reality threshold, and then I talked myself into letting go of the real world and accepting that this is an alternate universe where two grown men can afford to be letting this go on in their clinic for whatever reason. Maybe in the universe of this story ABDL is the dominant social paradigm and this is all completely normal and what am I even worrying about, I should just have another drink.