review: Natalie Goes to Nursery

Are you all sitting comfortably in your safe space? Good. Then we’ll begin.


Title: Natalie Goes to Nursery

Author: River Belle

WhatWhat: When Natalie is seventeen, her parents die. At eighteen, she sells almost all her possessions and answers an ad to be an adult baby. Unlike the other abdl stories I’ve read (how is this my life??), this one features multiple “babies,” one other girl and two boys, who all crawl around the “nursery” together and also fuck each other. It’s like Muppet Babies if television was filmed in hell, basically.

Money Quotes:

As I cried, I lost control of my bladder totally, giving in to my powerful emotions. Piss flooding my diaper unleashed freely from me. I curled up into a ball on the ground and carried on peeing. Amazingly, my butt did not stay damp for long. The diapers were so good that I could feel the moisture being drawn away from me. (loc 162)

It’s weird how much this is reminding me of the aftermath of the American election.

‘Petey, why don’t you come and say hello to your sister,’ said Daddy. Petey giggled and moved toward me, lying down at my side. Daddy grabbed Petey’s monstrous dick, and carefully rubbed its tip into my engorged pussy. (loc 173)

Verdict: Once you get past the breathtaking soullessness of someone who’d lost both parents a year ago using “mommy” and “daddy” on total strangers she’s having sex with, this is well written and immersive.

That first quote up there about the quality of the diaper was chosen on purpose, because as well as the usual “comforting” elements found in these, there’s a significant dose of luxury porn to be had here. Everything is the best available, the house is a mansion, the hedgerows are immaculate, etc. Natalie isn’t just living out her fantasy; she’s doing it in complete comfort.

review: Regressive Love

Title: Regressive Love

Author: Misty Brock

regressive love

WhatWhat: Fired from her job (because of an Evil Other Woman), Gracie is first rescued from a guy with a knife, and then hired for another job. Reid, the cute millionaire who saved her from being mugged (or worse), is also her new boss, and soon her lover…but he likes to diaper his women and treat them like babies.

Money Quotes:

She’d lived on ramen like most students did, allotting most of her money for her dad and her kid brother.

She’d received a call from her dad’s senior home, informing her that her dad’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and that he needed to be transferred to a facility better suited to handle his needs. It had meant more expenses. (loc 28)

Virtuous suffering: established.

He opened his arms in invitation and she walked into his embrace. (loc 102)

I know he saved you from the bad guy, but you literally just met him.

They left his bedroom and went to the one at the far end of the hall. He turned the doorknob and guided her into what appeared to be a nursery. There was a large wooden crib and another huge bed beside it. There were dolls of different shapes and sizes and other types of toys. (loc 361)

It’s like a slightly kinkier version of Christian Grey’s red room of pain.

“You don’t know how badly I need this so thanks again.” Her dad can stay in the facility and her brother can study full-time. Reid had no idea how big a help he’d been. (loc 515)

Tenses running amok!

But this, Gracie in a diaper under her skirt, would surely push his obsession to a whole other level.

Gracie must have realized he’d found out her secret because she turned to face him, her eyes wide as saucers.(loc 701)

After her one night with him, you see, she started wearing diapers privately on her own, to relieve stress. Something about having them all helps her cope with her responsibility-filled life.

Verdict: This is a clean, sweet, tender ageplay romance.

Less cloying than many of the ageplay stories, so if you’re into excessively-innocent heroines this one may come across as too competent an adult (she holds down a job, for instance). She is still morally pure and the main support of her family, so the “downtrodden angel” vibe is intact. But Gracie also takes an active role in defeating the Evil Other Woman, and Gracie’s brother helps out with that, which was kind of cool.

Unlike most ABDL stories I’ve seen, this one didn’t feature humiliation or diaper soiling. That was a tremendous relief for me, but I suspect would be a disappointment to some readers.

review: Little Lexie and the Big Girl Bet

Title: Little Lexie and the Big Girl Bet

Author: Chloe St. Claire

little lexie

WhatWhat: Alexis goes drinking with her best friend, Owen, and after losing a bet (that she can recite the alphabet backwards) she has to spend 24 hours being Owen’s adult baby girl.

Money Quotes:

He rummaged through the drawer of his night table and came out with a thick, crinkly diaper. It was white, but with little primary-coloured animals all over it. She couldn’t believe how loud it was as he handled it, and she didn’t even want to think about how loud it would be when she had to walk around in it. (loc 62)

Can you actually imagine this in real life, though? That moment when your best friend since childhood pulls an adult-sized diaper out of his night table, and expects you to go through with a casual bet made when you were drunk and had no idea he was a diaper fetishist?

Owen pulled out. “Go shower, and go pee,” he said. “And make sure it’s a good one: it’ll be your last in a toilet for the day. Daddy hasn’t forgotten your punishment.” Lexie nodded and trotted obediently to the bathroom. (loc 256)

It’s amazing how she’s adjusted to this situation so quickly.

Verdict: Blessedly free of grammatical errors. If you can suspend disbelief enough to get past the part where she doesn’t call the cops, run screaming, or tell him there’s no way she’s going to go out in public in a diaper because of a stupid bet, you’ll enjoy this, assuming abdl is your thing. (And hey: I recognize that some suspension of disbelief is required for most erotic fantasies. I’m mocking sympathetically, I swear.)

review: Taking Care of Kirstie

Title: Taking Care of Kirstie

Author: Candy Banger

taking care of kirstie

WhatWhat: Kirstie hears Mrs. Roberts crying, and when she goes to investigate she overhears a discussion and learns that Mr. and Mrs. Roberts (the couple she boards with) have been rejected as unsuitable to adopt children. And no bloody wonder: they’ve got an adult nursery and diapers for grown-ups set up in the basement, and before long Kirstie has agreed to be their adult baby with all that entails.

Signs You May Be Entering “Little” Territory:

  1. pastel colours everywhere (I will be honest, though: I love these covers)
  2. there’s a grown-ass woman with a teddy bear
  3. ┬ásomeone (not the heroine) is described as having “mammoth tits”

Money Quotes:

I hated the responsibilities of adult life, and for the time being, not having to worry about bills and stuff suited me just fine. I paid one lump sum every month to Mr. Roberts, and he took care of everything. (loc 39)

“Bring over the diapers, Daddy, we need to get Baby strapped in.” (loc 150)

I hate to rain on anyone’s kink, but that last sentence would need no tweaking whatsoever to fit into a horror movie.

Verdict: Well, the story definitely plays to the hardships of adult life and the comparative ease of childhood, or even just playing-at-childhood. I can see the appeal of that aspect. Seriously, who couldn’t relate to that?

The writing is good. I mean no-grammatical-errors, smoothly-flowing good.

The diaper and breastfeeding elements are lovingly dwelt on, which I guess would please readers whose kinks those are, and for the rest of us it serves as a bracing reminder that maybe paying the rent isn’t all that bad after all.