review: Deep South Wolves 2: Hunter’s Creek

Title: Deep South Wolves 2: Hunter’s Creek

Author: Kaden Mallory

deep south wolves 2

WhatWhat: Kage and Jason go to a gay bar to pick up a guy, only Jason is in wolf form (Kage explains this away as “he’s a service dog”). Kage fucks the guy under a bridge, and then Jason mounts him. Yes: the guy they pick up is in for not just surprise buttsex, but surprise bestiality.

Money Quotes:

Even as he was pulling out, Jason surged up onto the man’s back. He clamped both forepaws around Daniel’s waist.

“What the fuck?” Daniel, also breathless and wet with sweat, tried to scramble away.

Jason snarled and bit down on the back of Daniel’s neck, his head turned sideways for a firm hold. (loc 166)

Verdict: I’m amazed that this actually went to the dogdick place. I mean, I know all werewolf erotica and omegaverse stuff is damned close at the best of times, but this kicked it up a notch. Or a knot, I suppose.

review: Omega Destined: Billionaire’s Secret

Title: Omega Destined: Billionaire’s Secret

Author: Canis Blackfang

omega destined

WhatWhat: Dogfuck Rapeworld meets Romeo and Juliet. Billionaire omega werewolf Everett Grenwald must accept a suitor and mate for life in order to please his father, but the suitor his father has selected (Kristoff Zambardo) is repulsive, and besides, Everett has never gotten over his boyhood crush on lowborn alpha Trent Varen–who just happens to be Zambardo’s bodyguard.

If that all sounds a lot like a Harlequin romance, just remember there’s shapeshifting and knotting in this, which rarely show up in category romances.

Money Quotes:

“I’ve been looking forward to our union,” he shouts, trying to sound seductive over the sound of the engine. I give him a forced smile, and whirls around dramatically in a lame attempt to look cool. (loc 97)

I see his head snap back and bang hard against the wall and he crumples to a heap, unconscious. “And fuck you too,” I say, then I lift up my hind leg and piss on him. (loc 1190)

Verdict: This really, really did remind me of romance novels, and I unexpectedly found myself getting caught up in Trent and Everett’s relationship. The knotting was less obtrusive in this one, somehow. Possibly I’m developing immunity.

Also, Canis Blackfang is still the best possible pseudonym for Omegaverse stuff.

review: Deep South Wolves: Smoky Mountain Pack

Title: Deep South Wolves: Smoky Mountain Pack

Author: Kaden Mallory

deep south wolves 1

WhatWhat: The Bashan Pack have moved to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains to get further away from humans. Two young male shifters, Kage and Jason, have sex up in Jason’s new bedroom before sneaking out.

Money Quotes:

Mostly, he smelled their dinner from several hours earlier: pot roast with fresh herbs, greens out of the neglected garden, cornbread cooked in an iron skillet lined with bacon, Delilah’s dandelion tea with honey and cream. (loc 18)

Kage began to release him, then shoved back in, wet cock rubbing over Jason’s lips and cheek. Gasping, Jason followed unspoken orders by squeezing down his shaft, then licking him clean. (loc 120)

Verdict: This is more lushly written than most kindleporn, and the worldbuilding unwinds more slowly, most likely because this is the first installment of a series (there are at least five more that I’ve seen). The result is a high standard of writing, and a slight soap-opera feel as we await further developments.

review: Omega Indoctrination: Billionaire’s Prize

Title: Omega Indoctrination: Billionaire’s Prize

Author: Canis Blackfang

omega indoctrination

WhatWhat: Dogfuck Rapeworld, Billionaire Edition. Simon Leids gets bitten by a homeless guy and is suddenly gay and a werewolf. Specifically, he’s an omega werewolf, which means billionaire Alpha werewolf Caster Grant is interested in him, because omegas can bear pups.

…I’d like to apologize to anyone unfamiliar with Omegaverse fic. If this is your first introduction to it, God I’m sorry.

Money Quotes:

Wolves. Alpha wolves. They stood on their hind legs, exposing their rigid knotted dicks, their fur pulling back into their bodies and exposing human skin. (loc 228)

Achievement Unlocked: Cocksucking!

He was operating almost as if in a trance–he had never sucked a cock before but was going at it on autopilot with almost practiced technique, as if it had been unlocked from within him. (loc 249)

How Not to Respond to a Human Bite:

“I can’t believe he bit you, dude. You want me to take you to the hospital or anything?”

“No, no. It’s not that bad. Nothing some rubbing alcohol and a bit of this awesome whiskey can’t fix.” (loc 171)

Verdict: Slightly more plausible than Fifty Shades, and way less tedious.

review: The Doctors and the Omega: Shifter Fertility Exam

Title: The Doctors and the Omega: Shifter Fertility Exam

Author: Canis Blackfang

the doctors and the omega

WhatWhat: Everett is desperate to come up with the rent money, and lucky for him he lives in dogfuck rapeworld the omegaverse, and he’s an omega, so all he has to do is participate in a fertility experiment. Yay?

I’m not going to lie to you: when I recently reviewed Night Shifter Nurses, I horrified various and sundry friends and family SO MUCH that I immediately vowed to inflict more Omegaverse on them, and Canis Blackfang has hands-down the best covers, titles, and pseudonym in that subcategory, so here we are.

Money Quotes:

I was no longer a virgin. An alpha had dumped his semen into my omega womb. (loc 219)

The receptionist had sounded normal enough on the phone, a female werewolf, but I still had this paranoia that I was about to get slain for my kidneys. (loc 91)

I guess “normal” is relative.

It reminded me of when I was younger, richer and still being chased by all the prospective alpha mates. I let out a small sigh. If only I hadn’t played hard to get so much I might be mated now to some rich alpha and not be in this mess. (loc 98)

I know “heteronormativity” probably isn’t the word I want to apply here, since this is m/m omega shifter erotica, but holy crap, that sounded like the marriage advice I’ve heard from cynical women of my grandmother’s generation.

Verdict: A few typos and a painful absence of the Oxford comma, but neither were enough to throw me out of the story. If Omegaverse fic is your thing, or medical kink, you’ll enjoy this. If “omegaverse” is just a funny-looking word and you don’t actually know what I’m talking about, think of it as “involuntary BDSM wolves” and try it anyway.

The fertility test, by the way? “You can tell by the taste,” apparently. (loc 152)