review: Petra and the Wolf

Title: Pumpkin Spice: Petra and the Wolf

Author: Gigi Gericault

petra and the wolf

WhatWhat: A witch in search of the catalyst that will unleash her powers finds it, and it’s alive. Specifically, it’s a gorgeous wolf shifter named Dodger. They have sex.

Money Quotes:

Dodger caught her effortlessly, and she wrapped her legs around his tapered waist.

“You brute!” She panted against his parted lips.

“My witch,” he growled possessively, groping her ass through the light fabric of her dress. He dropped to his knees, still holding her flush against his body. (loc 118)

Verdict: This is definitely erotic romance (specifically “erotic paranormal romance,” I guess), not hardcore erotica. Nothing weird happens here, and there’s a definite happy-ever-after ending. I realize I’m using “nothing weird happens” to describe sex between a witch and a werewolf, but I’ve been at this a long time, and my palate’s jaded. This is sweet and romantic, and yes, erotic; perfect for the romance reader who likes a high “heat level” and wants a short Halloween read.

review: Warlock’s Cove, Part Two

Title: Warlock’s Cove, Part Two

Author: Jade Astor

warlocks cove part two

WhatWhat: Vampire Cyril Beaumont continues to circle Professor Dane Forrest. Bereaved vampire Simon continues to meet a mysterious guy on the beach.

Money Quotes:

Not so the serious scholars. They’d do anything to present some breakthrough discovery to the world. Even stake and behead a vampire on Youtube, if they had to. (loc 113)

Nothing says “serious scholarship” quite like that.

He felt like he was melting. The sensation hurt deep within his long-dead chest and yet, at the same time, it gave him an improbably type of life. It was nothing short of amazing. (loc 295)

Who to the what now?

Then, with a snarl of surrender, he dropped to his knees in front of Dane and drew his palm against his lip. (loc 385)

That is a deliciously sensual image, somehow.

Verdict: It’s a soap opera, and it’s still reminding me of Dante’s Cove, but it’s a lot of fun and mildly addictive.

review: Warlock’s Cove Part One

Title: Warlock’s Cove Part One

Author: Jade Astor

warlock's cove part one

WhatWhat: Wharton’s Cove, also known as Warlock’s Cove, has a history of witchcraft, several currently-resident vampires, a new “Folkloric specialist” working at the university, and a throbbing undercurrent of gay sexuality. So in other words, it’s Dante’s Cove in print form, only one hopes it will avoid the depressing Godawful ending that had me screaming at my television in frustration.

Oops, sorry, that got a little off-topic. Apparently I am not even a little bit over how Dante’s Cove ended.

Money Quote:

It had to suck knowing your partner of almost two centuries had come to prefer a fiery death and oblivion to spending another night with you. (loc 98)

Does anyone else find themselves wondering if that’s what’ll eventually happen in the Twilight-verse, or is it just me?

Verdict: I enjoyed this, and as long as no-one ends up TRAPPED IN A FUCKING MIRROR I intend to go on enjoying future installments, even though I will have to buy those whereas I got part one for free.

review: Cooking with Ergot

Title: Cooking with Ergot

Author: Luisa Prieto

cooking with ergot

WhatWhat: Dominic Abernathy is a kitchen witch with his own cooking show. Now a possible witch hunter is scheduled as a guest star. Witches disappear without a trace when Carter Brooks, author of Cooking with Ergot, is in town. Dominic is understandably worried he might be next…

This isn’t exactly an erotic short. I mean, it’s erotic, and it’s short-ish, but it’s more the sort of story you’d usually find reviewed on one of the m/m romance blogs. But a friend bought me a copy, and it’s so cute and quirky and well put together that I can’t pass up the opportunity to review it.

Money Quote:

It took him two years, and when he cast the spell, he concentrated on everything he thought a familiar should have. He wanted it to be as intelligent as Merlin. As courageous as the Scarlet Pimpernal. As cool-sounding as Peter Cushing.

And he wanted it all in the form of his most cherished companion: his stuffed tiger.

Really. What did people expect? He was eight. (loc 100)

Verdict: This was brilliant, and meticulously researched. The last m/m I read that was this well done was K.J. Charles’ Think of England.