Lover, Raptor, Gentleman

works of short-form kindleporn genius

We write erotica.

Since this blog started, everyone associated has stuck to a policy of never reviewing our own (or each other’s) stuff. But we do PRODUCE a lot of stuff, so here it all is, listed in one place. Or most of it, anyway. There are a couple of people AFK at the moment.


Beaver Banged my Butt


Double Teamed by the Double Double

Cuckolding rabid scifi authors

Cucked by Billionaire Drump Supporters

Cucked by Christians

Cucked by a Rabid Pack of Conservative SciFi Authors


Playing with the Band

Fat Frat

Blackmailed by the Fat Frat

Fat Frat Virgin Step

Fingered by the Fat Frat

Fishman beaver banged my butt

First Time with a Fishman


Futanari Trick-or-Treat

My Shy Futanari Roommate

The Passionate Doctor’s Futanari Revenge


Grammarians from Space Forced Me to Write Properly and Also Turned Me Gay


Made to be…Obedient

Made to be…Submissive

Insects. No, not Incest. Insects.

double teamed by the doubledouble
Double Teamed by the Double Double


Bred by the Bug-men


Licked by the Lizardman

Wedded to the Lounge Lizard

Love Cult

Bred by the Love Cult

Real Estate

Dominated by the Billionaire Condominium

Ravished by the Possessive Gothic Mansion


Shopping Spree


Doctor Unicorn’s Secret Mistress

Ravished by the Unicorn Sheik


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